Friday, May 9, 2008

Marco Mazzini's instructional videos for extended techniques (in Spanish)

Peruvian clarinetist Marco Mazzini, principal clarinetist of the Ostrava International Orchestra (Czech Republic), shares his knowledge of extended techniques in these instructional videos. Mazzini is an enthusiastic proponent of contemporary music, and has created these videos on glissando, slap-tongue, and circular breathing.

Glissando en el clarinete
Mazzini begins his video on glissando technique by encouraging clarinetists to "coquetear con el clarinete" (literally, flirt with the clarinet). As he describes, an important step towards learning the glissando is to begin to play with the sound, experimenting with alternatives to a traditional concert tone. Mazzini then discusses the embouchure technique, finger technique, and practice recommendations for learning the glissando.

Slap tongue en el clarinete
In this video, Mazzini explains the technique of slap-tongue. With ample demonstration and detailed explanation, this instructional video may prove helpful even to those who understand little Spanish.

Respiración circular en el clarinete
In this short video, Mazzini introduces the technique of circular breathing. He demonstrates how a straw and water can be used to begin to practice the technique, and also demonstrates on the instrument.

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