Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Created by Rose Sperrazza, ClarinetStudio.com offers unique tips, advice, and anecdotes from distinguished clarinet performers and teachers. The site's real gems can be found in the "Artists" link, where words of wisdom by several contributing clarinetists provide readers with inspiration and insight to playing the clarinet. The list of clarinetists includes: Richard Hawkins, Julie DeRoche, Robert Spring, John Cipolla, Diane Cawein Barger, Christopher Hill, Michèle Gingras, Mitchell S. Estrin, Micheal Drapkin, Linda Bartley, and Ben Armato. Topics discussed cover the entire gamut of clarinet playing (including a trick that involves aluminum foil!). In addition to the invaluable insight expressed in personal entries detailing trials and triumphs, readers will find helpful tips and advice on reed storage, internalizing rhythms, warm-ups, and recommended books.

(Update: as of February 2017, this site is no longer working. For more information on Rose Sperrazza and her clarinet choir, visit www.chicagoclarinetensemble.org

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