Tuesday, January 13, 2009

McGill to perform at Obama's inauguration

Invited to take part in Barack Obama's presidential inauguration on Jan. 20th, clarinetist Anthony McGill will join musicians Yo-Yo Ma (cello), Itzhak Perlman (violin), and Gabriela Montero (piano) to premiere an undisclosed work by American composer John Williams. In this quartet of talented musicians diverse ethic backgrounds are well represented: McGill is a young African-American, Yo-Yo Ma is Chinese-American, Perlman is an Israeli-American, and Montera is Latin American from Venuzela Venezuela. McGill is currently the principal clarinetist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and was recently appointed to the faculty at the Peabody Conservatory this past fall. Also known as a gifted chamber musician, McGill has performed at countless festivals, including Music@Menlo which is featured on a previous post by Clarinet Cache. For a chance to hear McGill's exquisite playing, visit his website at anthonymcgill.com for up-to-date information on news and performances. Don't forget to join millions of Americans in witnessing a spectacular musical celebration during Obama's inauguration on Tuesday, Jan. 20th at 11:30am E.S.T.


ClarinetCache said...

There is an article about McGill from the Chicago Sun-Times at:


Anonymous said...

This was an amazing performance.
It struck me that Williams employed the clarinet to play the most quintessential American symphonic/folk melody, perhaps, the Simple Gifts, referencing Copland. And there was that diverse ensemble playing that quintessential Americana with an African American clarinetist, not a common thing. What a wonderful symbol of both hope and new days, that.


Anonymous said...

Gabriela Montero, from Venezuela, NO VENUZELA.Thanks