Thursday, March 19, 2009 (March 2009 column)

One of the oldest and most extensive web sites on clarinet, is an indispensable online resource for clarinetists. Although many readers many already be familiar with the site (its copyright extends back to 1995), we hope to highlight some points of interest for newcomers and remind previous viewers of all the great content made accessible by webmaster Mark Charette. The abundance of information on the homepage can be a bit overwhelming to new viewers, but with a concise overview to materials on the page and guidance to its content, we hope the site will be easy to navigate.

The homepage of hosts an inventory of mailing lists and other sites of interest such as: Klarinet List, Clariperu, I.C.A., German Clarinet Association, and Italian mailing list, bass clarinet mailing list, symphony jobs listings, and even a site that explains the British music grading system. Recognized as one of the largest clarinet-related mailing lists or originating from, the "Klarinet List" allows subscribers to keep up with current events in the clarinet world and communicate with one another via e-mail. The Clarinet Bulletin Board provides a similar function, although it is hosted on the web as a message board. The threads at the Clarinet BBoard (as it is known) cover every conceivable topic having to do with the clarinet, and some well-known clarinetists contribute regularly. Other forums available on include one for doublers, ethnic clarinet, all woodwind instruments, and woodwind fingerings. In a separate special forum called "Keepers," you will find new and old threads that are the cream of the crop, covering topics that pertain to all woodwind instruments. A couple of "Keepers" threads noteworthy to clarinetists are a listing of the "Paris Conservatory Pieces: 1836-2005" and Ken Shaw's commentary on performing solos from the third movement in Beethoven's 8th Symphony.

The side-bar menu located on the homepage covers just about every aspect related to the clarinet, although this column will explore only a select few. In addition to the Bulletin Boards, the side-bar menu features announcements or upcoming concerts and programs, along with openings of graduated fellowships, scholarships, and awards at universities. The classified listing directs readers to instruments and items for sale, also including sheet music and accessories for purchase. Under the section "Personal Help," viewers can pose a question to one of many professional and well-respected clarinetists willing to address individual concerns in a private manner.

The next category, "Resources," encompasses a wide range of topics with links to retailers, international music centers, an extensive bibliography, music libraries, societies and periodicals, and a listing of publishers. Interested in finding sheet music available to download for free? Try perusing the "Music & MIDI" section where Charette is currently building a collection of clarinet music that you can print from your own computer. Some of the music is also available for listening in the synthesized MIDI format. Many valuable resources can also be found in the "Research" section. Offering multiple links related to aspects of practicing, this category guides readers to articles on auditions and repertoire standards, fingering charts, indices of method books, and information on bass clarinet repertoire. For those of you looking for other musicians like yourself to play with, visit the "Clarinet Connections" under this category. Here you can browse for information on other clarinetists in your region who are interested in playing or making contact with others.

As stated by Mark Charette, the information on "is intended as an introductory reference to the collective wisdom of the [Klarinet] lists contributors and as a tool to help disseminate clarinet knowledge.", like all collective web sites, is only as good as its contributors. We therefore encourage The Clarinet readers to explore the site if you have not already, and perhaps even try posting on the Clarinet BBoard if you have something to contribute. It might take a few visits to digest all of the first-rate content; and with Mark Charette updating the web site frequently, new information is constantly posted. We hope this overview will give new readers a sense of how to utilize the vast resources available on

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