Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Clarinet Institute of Los Angeles

The Internet functions as a global network of sharing, and no website demonstrates this credo better than The Clarinet Institute of Los Angeles. Here you will find a vast assortment of clarinet videos, recordings, MIDI files, and sheet music all for free! Managed by David Schorr, this L.A. based website serves clarinetists in the vicinity as well as clarinetists across the globe. This nonprofit site welcomes visitors to utilize all of the available media and encourages people to contribute their own submissions.

Tired of searching YouTube for interesting clarinet videos? Try visiting this site's extensive list of videos for standard repertoire and lesser-known pieces. It is easy to locate the piece you've been searching for and you may even discover something new in each of the categories-solo clarinet, clarinet quartets and quintets, choirs, woodwind quintets and more. Now that you have heard the music, you can download the sheet music. With over 420 PDF files available, even the starving musician can add to their library. A CD of the entire collection is also available for only ten dollars. If you wish to practice with piano accompaniment, try using the MIDI files with a karaoke player (also free) that allows you to mute the clarinet part. And last but not least, don't forget to listen to the recordings-they cover a wide range of the clarinet repertoire.

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rainbowprof said...

not only that but they also sell a fantastic dvd of over 920 pdf files of sheet music for (mostly baroque) recorder too including solos, suets, multi-part ensembles. Amazing!!