Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy First Anniversary!

The Clarinet Cache blog is turning one year old this month, and to celebrate, we have created a Flickr photostream (at left) of our favorite clarinet photos! To see more, head over to the Clarinet Cache Flickr group and join if you'd like to submit a photo.

In just one exciting year, we have published four articles in The Clarinet and over 50 blog posts, we "live" blogged ClarinetFest in Kansas City, we've been profiled in Clarinet & Saxophone (quarterly journal of CASS), mentioned on the Clarinet BBoard, and linked up with fellow bloggers at Clariperu, Sherman Friedland's Clarinet Corner, and The Buzzing Reed. All of this while continuing to work on our doctorates at the University of North Texas!

We'd like to thank everyone for reading and encourage you to continue sending us your favorite clarinet links and videos. No two people can keep track of all the clarinet resources out there, so we depend on you to help keep us informed. As always, send any suggestions to us at

Kellie and Rachel


Joanthan Han said...

Thanks for all the info guys. :) Keep up the good work!

DTclarinet said...

Wow, so much accomplished in one year! Bravo. Here's to many more.

David Thomas
The Buzzing Reed