Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pamela Weston: Heroine of Clarinettistry

It is with sadness that we note the passing of Pamela Weston, one of the world's foremost researchers and writers on the clarinet. Weston is well-known for her excellent books about clarinetists: Clarinet Virtuosi of the Past (1971), More Clarinet Virtuosi of the Past (1977), Clarinet Virtuosi of Today (1989), Yesterday's Clarinetists: A Sequel (2002), and Heroes and Heroines of Clarinettistry (2008). She wrote numerous articles for journals and magazines, each one beautifully written and a joy to read. Weston combined a talent for writing with a dedication to research, creating a collection of writings about the clarinet and its players which will be valued by the clarinet world for many years to come. She is a true "Heroine of Clarinettistry."

A letter written by Pamela Weston before her death by assisted suicide, and explaining her decision, was published in the UK Times Online and can be found here. A second obituary was run by the Guardian newspaper on Oct. 8th, 2009.

Another article has been posted to the "Action for M.E." website, and there is also a Clarinet BBoard thread going about Pamela Weston. Most of her books can be purchased through Van Cott Information Services, Inc.


SherwinJTB said...

I was just doing a little search about Pamela Weston since I'm currently playing a book that was edited by her. Titled 17 Classical Solos for Unaccompanied Clarinet. I wanted to find out more about Fentone Music also, but having doubts now.

Anonymous said...

We Love Pamela :)

Regent said...

Pamela was highly influential and she was greatly respected by all those people that knew her. She was just a lovely highly talented saintly person. She will live on in our affection beyond her death, and her work will endure;I imagine that her passing in Switzerland has caused many people very great sadness.