Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kalmen Opperman

Kalmen Opperman, one of the great American clarinetists and teachers, passed away on June 18th 2010.  He is well-known for his career performing for Broadway musicals, dedication to teaching, and publications such as the Handbook for Making and Adjusting Single Reeds, Modern Daily Studies, and Velocity Studies Opperman's teachers included Simeon Bellison and Ralph McLane, and his students carry on his legacy in playing and teaching positions around the world.

New York Times has a wonderful write-up by Charles Strum about Opperman's life and teaching.

A thread on the Clarinet BBoard is dedicated to Opperman and includes remembrances from his acquaintances, students, and friends.

Opperman's website features remembrances by family and friends, biography, and audio.  Particularly moving is a recording of Opperman's piece En Seul as performed by Richard Stoltzman, perhaps his most famous student.

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