Sunday, August 22, 2010

Marion Harrington's Clarinet Blog

We at Clarinet Cache have finally recovered from the Austin ClarinetFest, and hope to be posting more frequently now!  Today, we'd like to bring your attention to the blog of Marion Harrington.

Marion Harrington is a clarinetist living in the Spain who has had an interesting relationship with the clarinet.  Originally from the UK, she was in training for a promising future as a professional clarinetist, studying clarinet with Colin Bradbury in London at the Royal College of Music, but before graduating she decided to quit playing and pursue other career options.

After over 20 years in a variety of other fields, Harrington decided to return to the clarinet and dedicate herself to returning to practicing and performing at a professional level.  Her blog therefore has the fresh perspective of someone who has returned to the clarinet "fold" later in life - passionately and systematically.  She posts her thoughts on practicing, interpretation, and clarinet equipment, along with other subjects such as business and marketing, and the future of classical music in general. 

Marion Harringon's blog has a lot to offer for amateur and professional clarinetist alike.  Enjoy, and don't miss the recent series of guest posts on breathing and Alexander Technique by David H. Thomas of The Buzzing Reed!

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DTclarinet said...

Hey thanks for the link and referral! And I'm glad you found Marion's blog, a great new resource for clarinetists.