Sunday, October 3, 2010

Adam Berkowitz's Clarinet Blog

Our upcoming column in The Clarinet (December 2010) features clarinet blogs, and we are already discovering people we have left out - it seems the quality and number of bloggers is always increasing.  We'd like to preemptively amend our list to include Adam Berkowitz, whose blog is a great read for clarinetists of all ages and abilities.  Berkowitz lives in Hartford, CT, and is an active teacher and performer who focuses on playing new music and klezmer clarinet. 

Berkowitz frequently writes posts about technique that are useful for students as well as teachers, providing interesting pedagogical perspectives.  If you're in a rut with your playing, you might benefit from his ideas about how science fiction and martial arts can be related to clarinet playing!  Berkowitz also writes about extended techniques as they relate to contemporary music as well as clarinet technique in general.  Check it out for yourself; you'll be glad you did!

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lee said...

You are right it's excellent.