Friday, May 20, 2011

ClarinetMike Blog

A new blog by Michael Dean is one of our latest discoveries.  In the short time span of only a couple of months, he has already written twenty-five posts on his site ClarinetMike Blog.  An active performer and clinician, Dean is also the Associate Professor of Clarinet and Saxophone at Southeast Missouri State University. His variety of posts include educational entries, time management tips, posts on clarinetists (including a list of famous people who have played clarinet), and video links. One point of interest is a link to Michael Rusinek's video on developing articulation speed found on the Rico website. Dean also includes entries which direct viewers to various articles by him. Although he mainly writes about the clarinet, he has also included a few saxophone posts. Don't forget additional blog sites can be found on the "Links" button on our home page!

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Teresa said...

Wow, this great! I will have to go check out this blog. As a clarinetist and teacher, I always enjoy learning from others.

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