Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scott McAllister: Epic Concerto

Most clarinetists by now are familiar with the music of clarinetist/composer Scott McAllister. His X Concerto and Black Dog have become practically standard repertoire for adventurous performers in the U.S.!  His new work, Epic Concerto for clarinet and piano, was commissioned by a group of eleven clarinetists.

In a post on her blog Clarineticus Intergalacticus, Kristen Mather describes the work as follows:
The piece draws inspiration from McAllister’s life experiences as a clarinetist and composer, including traditional warm-up exercises, orchestral excerpts, composer Aaron Copland, clarinet legend Robert Marcellus, folk singer Richie Haven’s High Flyin’ Bird, and even the late pop icon Michael Jackson. This will certainly be a performance worthy of the title Epic, and is not to be missed!
The premiere of Epic Concerto by Tim Sutfin will be broadcast live from the U.S. Army Band website on Tuesday, April 10 at 7:30 PM (presumably Eastern Standard Time).


arlene hawkins said...

oh my, i wanted to hear this but then saw this on reddit

U.S. Army Band's World Premiere of Scott McAllister's "Epic Concerto" for Clarinet and Piano Reviewed: 4/10/2012

i don't know whether to laugh, cry, or smh, but the b*tch please face on mahler is pretty funny

Anonymous said...

Where is the recording?

Yoel Rivero said...

He escuchado la música de Scott y me parece extraordinaria. Mi niña estudia clarinete y los tiene entre los mejores del mundo. Éxitos y me gustaría saber como puedo alcanzar este disco.