Sunday, May 4, 2008

Harold Wright interview from

This radio interview with Harold Wright from reveals some insights from one of America's most revered clarinetists. Interviewer Brian Bell speaks with Harold Wright several months before his death in 1993 on a wide range of topics, including air pressure, the life expectancy of a clarinet, reeds, the American school of clarinet playing, and the Boston Symphony. The 12-minute interview also includes an excerpt and discussion of a rare recording of a Boston Symphony clarinetist from 1904-1914 (we believe the name was "George Griset Grisez," but please correct us) performing the third movement of Weber's second concerto.


Dawn Marie said...

Thanks much for finding clips like this! After hearing so much ABOUT Buddy Wright it is certainly nice to hear an interview. I know how much my teacher learned from him and I hope more people find your site and get to hear this!!!

ClarinetCache said...

One of our viewers notified us that the clarinetist's name performing the Weber Polonaise is spelled George Grisez (1913, Phono-Cut 5055). It is included on Stan Stanford's recording "The Acoustic Era" (Volume 1) for those who would like to hear the entire movement.