Friday, August 8, 2008

Mate Bekavac - Carmen Fantasy

Slovenian clarinetist Mate Bekavac has attracted attention in the clarinet world for this performance of his own arrangement of themes from Bizet's Carmen for clarinet and orchestra. In this exciting arrangement, Bekavac uses the extreme altissimo range and violin-like acrobatics to achieve an impressive effect. Extended techniques such as flutter-tonguing and glissando add a fresh perspective to these well-known themes, while still remaining true to the style of the piece. The fifteen-minute video is in two parts:

While information on the web about Mate Bekavac is scarce, a short bio mentions his studies with Bela Kovacs at the University of Graz and with Charles Neidich at Juilliard. Also, check out this thread at the Clarinet BBoard about Bekavac's video, including discussion about embouchure technique for extreme altissimo.

And if the Carmen Fantasy left you wanting more, perhaps this video will serve as an encore - it's Bekavac performing Guisganderie (by Faustin and Maurice Jeanjean) accompanied by what appears to be a student clarinet quartet.


Anonymous said...

I have been playing Clarinet for 71 years. I have listened to MANY players and I don't know of ANY one who can do with a clarinet what this man does

Anonymous said...

Just FYI, nothing, absolutely nothing, against this awesome player, but those wanting to see other players in the same league can search for Martin Frost.

Both players on a different planet from me in the clarinet universe and I have performed the Nielsen, Copland, Carnival of Venice, Guisganderie and other show pieces live and on tour with orchestras and bands.

Amazing human beings.

Unknown said...

Dear Anonymous Martin Frost???