Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We've moved!

In partnership with the International Clarinet Association, our blog is now merging content to The Clarinet [Online]. Electronic versions of Clarinet Cache columns featured in The Clarinet can now be accessed at Become an ICA member today and you'll get full access to our columns!


Fiza Khan said...

Congratulations on the exciting move and partnership with the International Clarinet Association! The merging of content to The Clarinet [Online] is a fantastic opportunity for readers to access a wealth of valuable information and resources Becoming an ICA member is now even more enticing, offering full access to the enriching columns.

SASSA Checks said...

Exciting news! Looking forward to the enriched content from this collaboration, bridging the gap between online and print resources for clarinet enthusiasts worldwide. By the way, have you checked your SRD status checks lately?